Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am In Love With Pinay Filcelebs

Philippine cinema had been quite vibrant during the 1950s till 1980s – most especially the widely criticized bomba films of those eras. But unfortunately, most of these movies never made it to theaters especially during the Martial Law years wherein it was either banned or was shown only in a few theaters like the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines because of rigid censorship.

Some made it but not without the butt of criticisms like ‘Burlesk Queen’ which was starred then by Vilma Santos who shocked the movie industry because of shedding away her ‘innocent image.’

Some of these known ‘bomba stars’ of the ‘80s are Chin Chin Gutierrez, Marinella Moran and Aila Marie. You can see the hottest clips of the ‘hot love scenes’ they had in their movies that had left nothing for your imagination.

What can a simple man do but want to watch these now that one can.